Marshes Community Benefit Fund – Golden Grant Awards 2nd Round

The Marshes Community Benefit Fund (MCBF) Panel Is pleased to announce that we will be considering applications for the 2nd Round of the MCBF Golden Grants Applications.

We are again asking for entrants to submit their application in the form of a creative piece of work which showcases how a grant would be used to benefit your project and the local community. The application can be in the form of a short video or a poster, a poem, letter or even a song if it is creative, it will be considered. All applications need to be uploaded and shared across social media accounts.

The applications need to be submitted from groups, that fall within the boundary for the Marshes Community Benefit Fund Awards, meet the criteria for the main MCBF grant and the application for the Golden Grant need to be submitted in a creative format.

If you are part of a not-for-profit school, charity, business, community group or club considering a project which will benefit the local community? Have you considered that your project might meet the criteria for funding from the MCBF? If so, we would love to hear from you. Please consider applying, even if you have applied in the past and not been successful.

Guidelines for submitting to the regular MCBF Awards and the Golden Grants Awards, details of the award process and deadline for submissions are available here.

Joycey Bammeke-Bailey, MCBF Panel Member, PR