A guide to

‘Golden Grants’

Up to £1000 for your community group… in just one minute!

v1.2 Published August 2022

golden grants guide

What is it?

We appreciate the hard work and commitment involved with running any community initiative, so applying for funding can often be another time-consuming process… As such, we have launched our ‘Golden Grant’ scheme – which your group can apply for within just 60 seconds!

Our new ‘Golden Grant’ is here to support your community project in whatever way you feel that a £1000 grant could make the biggest difference.

You are still able to apply to our regular funding rounds as usual (which run every 6 months for £120k per annum), however a ‘Golden Grant’ is a more accessible way to apply for a smaller level of funding whilst still making a big impact.

How could I use a ‘Golden Grant’?

The possibilities are endless! Whilst our usual grant exclusions apply (please see https://www. marshescbf.uk/about/), we welcome all applications so long as you can explain the benefit that your project will have on the local community.

How much?

We have 3x ‘Golden Grants’ on offer, each for up to £1000!

The grants are to be awarded to three seperate community groups, scored on the impact that your project will make to the local community and the way you will utilise the funding.

Your total project cost can be greater than £1000, as long as you tell us in your video that you’ve already secured alternative/own funding and then provide further detail in the application form online.

For a ‘Golden Grant’, we encourage you to explain how you would use the full grant amount to have a positive community benefit.

For further details on our standard funding criteria, please click here.

How to apply?

As we move on from the uncertainty of COVID19, we are excited to be back in the community albeit with technology being even more involved in everyday life! As such, we want to see your projects rather than just reading about them…

To apply for a ‘Golden Grant’, you will need to record a short video (maximum 60 seconds) or create an A4-size ‘creative piece’ (e.g. poster/photo/letter etc) which includes:

1. Who you are? Tell us a bit about your group and where you are based
2. What you’d do with a ‘Golden Grant’ award? Explain how you’ll be spending the cash
3. How this would benefit the local community? We want to know your impact

We know that even a short video will require some time spent planning & filming, but encourage you to be creative in how you showcase your project to the panel. You can film the video on a mobile phone/iPad/camera and all we ask is that we can clearly see/hear your bid; don’t worry, we don’t expect Hollywood film quality! Whilst we would love to see a video, we will also welcome a ‘creative piece’ which allows you to use your imagination if you are unable to film a video.

How to upload

1. Upload your video to YouTube and/or your group Facebook page (it should be public)
2. Share your video / ‘creative piece’ on social media, tagging us into your posts using our social media accounts below and #goldengrants #mcbf
3. Visit our website and complete the ‘Golden Grant’ application form – including a link to where we can find your video (we recommend using YouTube to upload your video, so you can easily share the video link with us) or upload your ‘creative piece’

On the application form, we will be asking basic details and ask for your confirmation to our standard grant terms which you can find on our website.

Find us on social media…
Facebook: @marshescommunitybenefitfund / Twitter: @MarshesComBFund

Good luck with your application!

For any questions, please get in touch… enquiries@marshescbf.uk