About Marshes Community Benefit Fund

Welcome to the Marshes Community Benefit Fund website. The Fund was created in 2016 as an independent entity by the Frodsham Windfarm Limited partners, the Fund is managed by a Panel of independent volunteers and is governed by its Constitution. The Fund receives an annual grant from Frodsham Windfarm Limited of up to £120,000. This annual payment will be provided every year the wind farm operates and is expected to amount to some £3 million. The Marshes Community Benefit Fund (MCBF) Panel will control the administration of the MCBF and will consider applications from groups and organisations for awards of between £250 and £60,000 from the MCBF in each of the two application rounds to be held each year.

Each MCBF Panel Member was selected on the basis of having significant local ties, knowledge of the area and professional skills. An independent organisation vetted the Panel Members and praised its composition. Each Panel Member is contributing their time and skills for free.

The Marshes Community Benefit Fund (MCBF) is managed by a panel of 10 people drawn from the local community. The Marshes Community Benefit Fund receives funds from Frodsham Wind Farm Limited (FWFL).  The MCBF will received up to a total of £3m over 25 years from FWFL.

The MCBF is a not for profit unincorporated organisation who purpose is to invest the funds it receives from FWFL for the benefit of the local community. Details of how the MCBF is operated and governed is set out in the MCBF Constitution, this can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Mashes Community Benefit Fund was created in 2016 by Frodsham Wind Farm Ltd.

The fund is managed by a panel drawn from the local community

The fund will invest up to a total of £3m over 25 years. Two tranches of grants will be made per year to local projects of up to £60,000 per tranche.

The fund is specifically for the benefit of the community in the local area of the wind farm located on the marshes close to the villages of Frodsham, Helsby and Elton.

The local community served by the MCBF is shown in the map below.

MCBF Documents

MCBF General Guidance

MCBF Code of Conduct and Conflict

MCBF Exclusions

Marshes Community Benefit Fund Constitution