Golden Grants!

2nd Round - Submissions Currently Open

We invite you to apply for up to £1000 of funding for your group, in just 60 seconds!

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  • Open for submissions: 1st June 2024

    (please don’t share your submission on social media before this date)

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  • Deadline for submitting application form below: 1st September 2024

As a community benefit fund, we offer £120,000 of funding to local groups each year – with a wide range of projects applying, all for varying financial amounts. We recognise that each project is different and actually, sometimes you may only need a small grant to make a big difference…

To shake things up, we are introducing ‘golden grants’ – a new way to apply for funding, removing the ‘red tape’ of lengthy applications forms for smaller grant amounts.

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We want to provide your organisation with grant funding, so you can provide benefit and legacy to our local community – making the process as simple, efficient and fun as we can!

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To apply for a grant, we would love to ‘see’ your project idea in the form of a video with a maximum length of 60 seconds. As an alternative to a video submission, we will also welcome your creativity to submit an A4-sized ‘creative piece’ which can take whatever format you like – whether it be a poster, letter or even a song if you wish!

The round will only be open until 31t August, before which you will need to upload and share your submission across your social media accounts. This will allow us to re-share your submissions within the community and gain exposure for both your group and our fund.

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For full guidance on how to apply and what to include, please read through our ‘Golden Grants’ handbook which you can read here >

From all of us at the MCBF, we wish you luck and can’t wait to see your submissions on social media!

To apply for a ‘Golden Grant’, please complete the below form…