Frodsham Townfield Allotments Access Improvements

Frodsham Townfield Allotments have expanded from 54 plots to 76 in recent years. All plots are currently let and the waiting list has gone up from 1 or 2 to over 30! This is all due to the rise in popularity of home grown produce and people wanting to spend more time outdoors since the pandemic.

This rise in plot numbers has subsequently resulted in a rise in traffic at the site, both foot and the wheeled variety. During wetter periods of the year the tracks that provide access to plots regularly turn into a quagmire making it quite a challenge for people with prams, wheelchairs and wheelbarrows to navigate the allotments.

MCBF to the Rescue

Thanks to a grant from MCBF Frodsham Townfield Allotments have now been able to carry out improvements to their access tracks. This involved excavating and putting down hardcore throughout all the narrow access tracks on site. The builders were Dennis Outten and his daughter Laura AKA ‘trady lady’.