Kingsley Community Primary School New Path

Marshes Community Benefit Fund supported Kingsley Community Primary School in constructing a new pathway

The previous path was often muddy and impassable during adverse weather conditions. Thanks to the Fund’s support, the new pathway is now surfaced with tarmac, ensuring year-round usability and weather resistance.

The new path will not only benefit the regional school sports day participants but also local community members, hikers, joggers, and cyclists who frequent the area.

Happy children and wider community

The school is delighted with the outcome, and the children are thrilled to have a safe and accessible pathway. This improvement, made possible by the MCBF, will benefit countless students for years to come.

This development will provide a safe and accessible route for people to enjoy outdoor activities and promote a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, the path could potentially attract more visitors to the area, boosting tourism and economic activity in the region.

Investing in the community

By investing in the infrastructure for recreational purposes, the local community is also investing in the well-being and quality of life of its residents. Overall, the development of the new path will have a positive impact on various social groups and contribute to the overall vitality of the community.